Police arrest gospel singer Rose Muhando


Police in Tanzania on Sunday, June 4, arrested the country’s top gospel singer Rose Muhando on suspicion of fraud.

Confirming Rose Muhando’s arrest, Singida police boss, Debora Mligimba, said the singer was arrested at her home in Ikungi area after AICT Singida Church filed a complaint with authorities, claiming Rose Muhando had refused to pay them money that she owed the church.

It is alleged that on November 3, 2016, Rose Muhando received Tsh800, 000 (Ksh37, 000) from the Chairman of AICT Singida Church choir, Mashala Japhet, after Ms Muhando allegedly accepted to grace the launch of the choir’s album, but she did not turn up.

Ms Muhando did not refund the money either, alleges the church.

The police were informed that Ms Muhando received an additional Tsh150, 000 (Ksh6, 900) as bus fare, meant for Dodoma to Singida journey, but still she did not turn up for the album launch.

According to Singida police boss, Debora Mligimba, the AICT Church Choir album launch was to take place on November 13, 2016 at 2pm at the Namfua Singida stadium.

On the planned date, Ms Muhando was spotted at a different place – Kahama – where she was ministering, AICT Singida Church said.

Rose Muhando, upon interrogation, admitted to receiving money from AICT Singida Church but failed to turn up for an album launch as had been agreed because she “had a sick person at home to attend to”.

Ms Muhando has reportedly agreed to refund AICT Church the money they sent her.

When reached for comment by eDaily, Rose Muhando admitted that she was arrested on Sunday, June 4, but, according to her, it was a case of a mistaken identity.

“Yes, the police arrested me on Sunday, June 4, but I wasn’t supposed to be their target. They were looking for another lady whose name is Rose, which is similar to mine. The other Rose is the one who obtained money from the said church with the pretense that she was me. I am currently at home after securing a release,” Rose Muhando said.


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