Placard job-hunter: I won’t marry more women

After carrying placards on the streets of Nairobi advertising self to potential employers (nearly two weeks ago), Patrick Muthomi has been employed as an Accounts Clerk at the Chandaria Industries.

Mr Muthomi says his wife of four years stood by him when he was jobless, and now that he is attached to the accounts department of one of East Africa’s leading tissue and hygiene products manufacturer, he will not forget his past.

Muthomi notes that despite the Tharaka culture allowing room for a man to marry more than one wife, he will not give in to temptation.

He revealed to eDaily that some of his friends suspected he would marry more women, especially now that he is employed.

“I don’t have the intention of saying: now that I am employed, I can change my loyalty or even marry more women. Though my culture allows me to marry two or even three wives at a go, I won’t do it. Life has a lot of responsibilities that a man should fully fulfill,” he says.

“I married with a motive when I was a second year university student. I saw that financial assistance was not forthcoming from my home. My brother was in Form Two in secondary school and my mother had to stretch her financial muscles the more. She consequently did not have sufficient resources to support me in school. I decided to get a wife who was not going to school, but had her business project running; hence she would support me financially for the remaining two years at the university,” says Muthomi.

“My wife at the time was a Form Four leaver. She was to enroll in college, but I asked her to delay a bit so that I finish my education first, get a job and enroll her in university thereafter. But that dream did not come easy, let alone materialize almost immediately as we expected.”

Muthomi says the virtue of patience made his wife stick by him.

“We were friends first. We respected each other. And when I proposed to her, we talked and agreed on one thing. That she supports me during that difficult time and when I would get employment, I would return the favour.”

And now that it is time to return the favour, what will he do for his wife?

“I would enroll her in college so that she gets the education she deserves. I would also try my best to get her a job. She has been with me for those four turbulent years. I have been respecting her, and I would try to make her happy always.”

Muthomi acknowledges he is lucky to get an enduring woman for a wife.

“80 percent of women do not want to follow a man who is not financially stable. It is wise. I cannot blame them. But I would say: that my wife decided to listen to me, and saw some logic in what I requested. She decided to be patient with me to see what good would come out of me. But again, she saw that I was visionary.”

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