Placard job hunt pays off as 28-year-old gets employed


The efforts of the man whose photo went viral last week because of his placard job hunt have paid off as the 28-year-old Chuka University graduate is now employed.

Muthomi, who took to the streets on August 10 with a placard advertising his credentials, says he was driven to the unusual job hunting method because he wants to get a job so that he could make ends meet – an action that got him overwhelming feedback.

“I started receiving calls after 30 minutes while at Muthaiga road. I felt hopeful and after three days I had over 1,122 calls, 601 sms with some sending their email addresses that I forward to them my CV,” Muthomi said. “Some even sent me airtime and data bundles.”

After two hours on the road, Muthomi retired to the house to sort out the feedback he received from those who saw his placard.

Even though many people called to encourage him and praise him for his bold action, a section of people criticized his action, terming it desperate.

Muthomi was, however, undeterred

“I was promised so much by the callers. Three companies followed their word and invited me for an interview later,” Muthomi revealed.

The former secondary school business teacher said that from the three companies that invited him for an interview, only one showed interest in hiring his services.

“I did an interview with Chandaria Industry for an accountant position. They gave a practical question and I passed,” he said. “I have since filled an employment form and by September 1st, I will be starting my new job.”

Evidently pleased, the young family man expressed much gratitude for the good luck, saying that he is glad that he will now be able to provide for his wife and child.

Flashing back to the day he brought the Ksh1,2oo placard home, Muthomi says his wife thought he was drunk when she saw the board.

When he explained his plan, she expressed concern about the outcome of such a venture, saying that he could possibly he harassed by City Council officers.

Muthomi says he is eagerly anticipating September 1st when he will start the new job, adding that he is looking forward to gain experience and improve professionally.

eDaily wishes Muthomi well as he starts the new job! Jenga nchi boss!

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