PHOTOS: #TBT 7 fashion ’90s trends that have made back with a bang…you probably have no 6

I wise guy once said that there’s nothing new under the sun.

Looking at today’s fashion trends, these words ring even truer.

Clothes that were popular in the ’90s are slowly making a comeback, and teens are now ricking what many 35-year-olds wore nearly 20 years ago.

Interestingly, most of them don’t even know that their “new” style is borrowed from the ’90s.

Below are seven fashion trends that have made their way back.

  1. Jellies/Sandaks

Jellies, which are popularly known to many as ‘sandaks,’ are increasingly becoming a favourite with young women because they are simple and comfy.

Hard to believe, but this kind of sandals were considered as one of the top fashion trends in the ’90s.

Thanks to their affordability and comfort, these sandals are making a comeback.


Jelly sandals. PHOTO COURTESY

Jelly sandals. PHOTO COURTESY

  1. Multi-colored t-shirts

Do you remember the multi-coloured shirts that Will Smith wore when he acted as the Fresh Prince of Bel Air?

Well, they’re back in vogue.

Celebrity troupe Camp Mulla has been spotted severally rocking this ’90s themed look.

Want to wear this too?

You also need to consider what goes well with the shirt or t-shirt you picked so that your outfit doesn’t come off as overly busy.




  1. Tumbo-cut/Crop-tops

Back in the day, they were known as ‘tumbo cuts’. However, they are now back as crop-tops.

They are versatile so they can be matched with a skirt, short or even a pair of jeans. They, however, go best with high-waisted bottoms.



  1. Bold berry and brown lipstick

In the ‘90s, berry and brown coloured lipstick was in. From deep maroon to opulent burgundy and dark chocolate, women rocked rich lip colours.

Well, the bold lip is back.

If you decide to take a walk in one of the major city centers, you will definitely see a lady rocking these ‘90s inspired shades.

If you’d like to follow suit, ensure that you pick the right shade for your skin tone.

Lupita Nyong'o. PHOTO:COURTESY

Lupita Nyong’o. PHOTO:COURTESY


  1. Spandex Tights/jeggings

When you rock your trendy jeggings, don’t think that your generation invented them.

In the early ‘90s young women used to rock these form-fitting trousers with knit tops.

Now, you can wear your jeggings with either a long fancy or with a dress top.




  1. Denims

Be it a shirt, jacket, or trousers – most people have at least one denim item in their wardrobe.

In the ‘90s denim on denim was all the rage in fashion circles, especially acid wash jeans.

With the African print revolution, you can score double fashion points by pairing your denims with Ankara.


Denim and Ankara. PHOTO:COURTESY

Denim and Ankara. PHOTO:COURTESY

  1. Choker necklaces

Now this one has made a massive comeback this year!

Ladies are really embracing the choker necklace, especially the black “tattoo choker”.

You can make your choker more attractive by adding a pendant of your choice.


Choker necklaces. PHOTO: COURTESY

Choker necklaces. PHOTO: COURTESY




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