Photos: Talent show casing, fun as hundreds of students attend Alliance 90th anniversary

Hot 96 and Alliance High School hosted a vibrant two-day career fair over the weekend – an event that was held on the school’s 90 year anniversary.

Hundreds of students drawn from numerous schools around the country attended the much-hyped event, a function that was graced by Hot 96 presenters and numerous celebrities.

On the request of the school’s principal, old boys of the top institution shared valuable pieces of advice for the students, urging them to make wise decisions that would lead them to a brighter future.

“It is important to advice students on issues affecting them directly so that they make informed decisions early in life,” Kariuki said.

Among those in attendance included NIC Bank Managing Director John Gachora, Elani, Jaguar, Waihiga Mwaura and Hot 96 hosts: Monique, Coco Sobo as well as Shix Kapienga.

Gachora emphasized the need of creativity in various fields including IT and sports, adding that with hard work and determination one’s future will be bright.

The powerful talks tackled key topics like drug abuse, peer pressure, career choices and life out of school.

Hot Coco Sobo opened up about his 15-year fight with addiction, urging students to say no to drugs.

NACADA boss Jaguar also tacked drug abuse amongst youth, noting that the statics on statistics on drug abuse show that teens are increasingly consuming illicit substances.

“Statistics are fast changing; many youths in Kenya are now abusing drugs more than the old people. At 14 years, it is proper to make good decisions that will change your life in future,” said Jaguar.

Students who spoke to eDaily expressed their gratitude to the organizers for the inspiring event, stating that the function had a profound impact on them.

Below are photos from the colourful function:

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