Photos: Akothee flaunts her three ‘Retirement’ homes

Akothee has flaunted her home, that of her parents and that of her grandparents to try and remind the public, once more, that she is seriously above their silly little chitty chatter. Or little taunts.

The Singer and Instagram flaunt shared photos of the three majestic homes ( Hers is especially breathtaking) in a bid to get the public to keep off advising her and asking her to tone it down.

Akothee has always encountered a lot of hate online with many haters and detractors asking her to go slow on the materialism and to kick it down a notch.

The feisty singer though, who loves to nickname herself #MadamBoss seems to care less about the Public’s opinion of her (very) fabulous life.

And the fact that she has constructed three massive houses for herself, her parents and her grandparents is enough to keep us silent.

For a very, very long and painful time.

Hail the #MadamBoss!

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