Octopizzo: Talk to me about your self esteem issues brother Khaligraph

Octopizzo Khaligraph

What is hip hop without some good ol’ beef! As it is an old beef has been rekindled between rappers Octopizzo and Khaligraph. Octopizzo took to Facebook to throw shade on Khaligraph for lightening his skin. In the post, Octopizzo offered shrink services to Khaligraph in case he needed help with his self-esteem issues.

“Ndugu Omollo, nilikuwa nataka kukutoa rangi lakini sasa siwezi juu umejitoa mwenyewe,” read the Facebook post. Octopizzo went ahead to say that if it was true that Khaligraph was pulling some bleaching stunts then he had played himself. The tough talking ‘Number 8’ asked Khaligraph to release a diss track if he felt that the post was too much for him.

The Julius Yego hit-maker has denied the ‘yellow’ claims. The lighter skin tone, he says, was as a result of make-up applied on set and the studio lighting during the recent interview. He also attributes the lighter skin tone to the fact that he has been taking good care of himself and he is in a much better place than he was some four years ago. Khaligraph, alias Papa Jones, dragged his beau into the melee. He said that his “shawty has shown him stuff about facial scrubbing that he did not know before”.

However, Octopizzo and many other Kenyans, are not buying these explanations. They are still under the impression that Jones has sought help with his melanin. Octopizzo has gone further and said that he understood that the society can be harsh; and maybe that is what had made Khaligraph bow to the pressure. In that case, he invited him to talk to him about him once he was back in the country. (Because everyone has to know he is outside the country). However, if Khaligraph took to lightening his skin for hype then he was ‘bure kabisa’.

Toa Tint – Khaligraph’s new song-cum-diss track

Khaligraph has since released a song ‘Toa Tint’ in which he lashes at those who have given him a hard time with his skin issues. He says in the track that black or yellow, he still remains the biggest hip hop act in the country.


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