Peter Tosh: Reggae lovers commemorate late Jamaican singer 32 years on

Social media users across the world on Wednesday took to Twitter to memorialize the late legendary Jamaican Reggae singer Peter Tosh.

Tosh, born October 19, 1944, was on September 11, 1987 shot twice on the head and killed by a three-man gang in his Jamaica home.

According to reports, the gang reportedly demanded money from the then 42-year-old singer but he said he did not have any in his person.

They – thugs – reportedly tortured him for several hours and held hostage his guests before getting frustrated, after he numerously told them he did not have cash, and opening fire killing Tosh as well as two of his friends and injuring many others whom they had taken hostage.

Dennis ‘Leppo’ Loban, the gang leader, surrendered to the police, was found guilty and remains in prison to date after his death sentence was commuted.

Prior to his killing, however, Peter Tosh was an influential figure in the Jamaican Reggae scene who, alongside, Bob Marley and Bunny Wailer, formed the band ‘The Wailers.’

He later went on his solo journey as an independent artist in 1976 during which he produced such hits as ‘Equal rights’ and ‘Legalize it.’

Reggae lovers on Wednesday remembered him with some of his most memorable quotes and song lyrics:

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