Peter Okoye of P-Square blasts Diamond over Zari cheating remarks


Nigerian musician Peter Okoye, popularly known as Mr P, has termed as “stupid” Diamond Platnumz’s allegations that Zari Hassan cheated on the Tanzanian artiste with him.

Speaking on Nigeria’s Cool FM “Midday Oasis” show on Wednesday, April 24, the former one-half of P-Square insinuated he never had an intimate relationship with the Ugandan socialite.

Peter Okoye’s remarks come just a day after Diamond Platnumz said Zari cheated on him with the Nigerian superstar a few months to the birth of their first-born child, Latiffah Dangote.

“Zari was dating P-Square’s Peter [Okoye] a few months before she and I got our first baby, Latiffah Dangote. I read [love] messages that she and Peter sent each other via mobile phone. I even confronted her,” Diamond Platnumz said in an interview with Tanzania’s Wasafi FM on Tuesday.

And in his Wednesday response to the “Tetema” star’s allegations, Peter Okoye said: “To be honest with you, I do not know what they [Diamond and Zari] are talking about. I can never, and would never say anything. Please, I have a new single [‘One More Night’ featuring Niniola], and I do not want to get distracted. I do not want to comment on Diamond’s allegations. In fact, it is stupid [of him to say what he said],” Peter Okoye told Cool FM show hosts.

“Once people discover that you are doing well, the devil just finds a way of rearing its ugly head. Nonetheless, we are friends with Diamond Platnumz; he is my guy,” said Peter Okoye.

The Nigerian musician’s statement mirrors what Zari Hassan had said on Tuesday in regard to her alleged cheating.

Taking to her Instagram page a few minutes after Diamond’s remarks on Tuesday, Zari Hassan said she did not cheat on her famous ex-lover, branding the artiste as “stupid”.

“He [Diamond] went on his radio station to tarnish my name. He alleged that I had a relationship with P-Square’s Peter, and another [fling] with my personal trainer… If you guys are going to believe a word that comes from him, the same man who denied his own blood [Hamisa Mobetto’s baby], then you are all stupid just like him. I am asking you [Diamond] to respect me; stay where you are; the kids and I are doing fine without you,” said Zari Hassan in a video clip that she has since deleted from her Instagram page.

Zari further said Diamond Platnumz was “trying to justify” his cheating habits, which resulted in the crashing of their 3-year-old relationship.

“The whole [Tanzanian] nation and the continent saw exactly what you did to me, and now you want to justify your wrongs by claiming that I cheated? I sacrificed the two kids that we had – that they would die if I ever cheated on you,” said Zari Hassan.

Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan dated between November 2014 and February 2018, and share a daughter, Latiffah Dangote aged 3, and a son, Prince Nillan aged 2.

On February 14 last year, Zari, 38, shocked her 5.4 million Instagram followers when she announced she was breaking up with Diamond Platnumz, 29.

The mother-of-five cited disrespect and unfaithfulness on Diamond’s end as the key reasons for their split.

Diamond Platnumz, who was dating Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu before kickstarting a relationship with Zari, is currently dating Kenyan radio presenter Tanasha Oketch.

Zari, on the other hand, was married to late Ugandan tycoon Ivan Ssemwanga, who sired her first three sons. Their marriage ended acrimoniously, with Zari accusing Ssemwanga of physical abuse.

Zari Hassan has since moved on – from Diamond Platnumz – with her new man, whom she took to Instagram this week to introduce as Mr M.

Meanwhile, drama played out on Instagram on Wednesday, when Zari referred to Diamond’s new lover, Tanasha, as an “idiot”.

Zari’s harsh statement came after Diamond said – in the Wasafi FM interview – that Zari Hassan “has been acting hostile toward me after she learnt that I was serious with Tanasha”.

And in a quick rejoinder, Zari Hassan took to Instagram to insult both the “Jibebe” star and his Kenyan lover.

“By now, my ex-boyfriend [Diamond Platnumz] will be telling his new girlfriend [Tanasha Oketch] how bad I was; and the girl will be feeling pity for him… thinking she has gotten a Saint… Two idiots,” said Zari Hassan in a post published on her Insta-story feature.

Oketch, on the other hand, took to the same platform to laugh off Ms Hassan’s comments. She said: “@TanashaDonna, you must be a smart idiot [to snatch Diamond from Zari Hassan].”

Below is Peter Okoye’s interview with Nigeria’s Cool FM:

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