People may take my designs seriously when I die -Kanye West

Celebrated American rapper and fashion designer Kanye Omari West (Kanye West) claims that people are not appreciating his designer wear, adding that detractors say he doesn’t know what he is doing.

In an interview with W Magazine, he defended himself saying that Yeezy – his line of fashion designs which includes hoodies, sneakers and t-shirts –  was among the leading trend setter brands in the world, despite little to no support of the apparel side.

West sensationally claimed that the day he dies may be the day people take his fashion seriously.

This comes barely two weeks after the debut of Yeezy Season 4 which was heavily criticized by fashion pundits who opined that he has no concern for young fashion designers.

Project Runway’s fashion guru, Tim Gunn, said: “Kanye West is a sphinx without a riddle. I just don’t understand why people are so in awe.”

Gunn argues that Kanye’s designs are simply a fashion hoax, terming anyone who buys into those designs as ‘dumb’.

The 39-year-old rapper was particular perturbed that the fashion pundits think that his designs only sell because of his popularity.

West, who is married to top earning reality star Kim Kardashian, says that despite the critics, he considers himself successful.

“You know what my definition of success is? Being able to be 39 years old, a black male, and articulate myself in this way and back it up. My definition of success is dropping a Charlie Sheen-level tweet and being like, ‘I am in debt and I don’t care.’ Now what!” he said.


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