Pauline Njoroge speaks on links with Raila following viral photo


Speculations have been rife on social media that NASA leader Raila Odinga hired popular Jubilee blogger Pauline Njoroge as one of his communication advisers.

The supposition arose after Ms Njoroge was photographed with Mr Odinga in Zimbabwe on Monday, November 26.

Mr Odinga, the African Union High Representative for Infrastructure Development in Africa, left Kenya for Zimbabwe on Sunday ahead of a Monday event, where he opened the Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA) convention.

Mr Odinga laid out his vision for project preparation, resource mobilization and financing mechanisms for infrastructure development in Africa, his spokesperson, Dennis Onyango, said.

And during the PIDA convention Monday, Mr Odinga met his perceived fiercest online critic, Pauline Njoroge, who in the run up to 2013 and 2017 general elections aggressively drummed up support for Jubilee’s flag-bearer and the ODM leader’s arch-rival, Uhuru Kenyatta.

But on Monday, Pauline tweeted Raila’s remarks at the Zimbabwe meeting as the AU envoy addressed challenges Africans face while traveling within the continent.

EDAILY reached Ms Njoroge for a comment on whether the speculations – that she is the latest addition to Mr Odinga’s communication team – hold any water.

“I work for NEPAD as a communication officer, a job I have held since September 2013. Program for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA) is one of the programmes that we run. Now that explains the nexus between Mr Odinga and I,” Ms Njoroge told EDAILY on phone.

“If anything, Monday wasn’t the first time I was meeting Mr Odinga,” added Ms Njoroge.

Asked on the nature of conversation and mood of their interaction during their meeting in Zimbabwe, given their past political differences, Ms Njoroge said: “What can you tell from the picture?”

This writer responded: “People pose for photos, you know?”

Pauline Njoroge, thereafter, replied: “No further comment”, instead pointing out the work that needs to be done to develop Africa.

“[We can develop Africa] through integrating our states through infrastructure, promoting intra-African trade and free movement protocols. I believe that should be the focus right now,” she said.

The Zimbabwe meeting was Raila’s second continental job since his appointment as AU’s High Representative for Infrastructure Development in Africa last month.

He attended the 35th Extraordinary Session of the African Union with Uhuru on November 17.

Mr Odinga’s duties, as the High Representative for Infrastructure Development in Africa, include working to support and strengthen the efforts of the Commission’s relevant departments and those of the Planning and Coordinating Agency of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD), within framework of the Program for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA).

Raila returned to Kenya Monday night.

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