Paul Kagame: When the tallest president in Africa is the shortest in his family

At 6 feet and 2 inches, Rwandan President President Paul Kagame is quite undoubtedly the tallest Head of State in the continent.

Which, in terms of leadership, should be a good thing because – according to a paper published by Dutch researcher Mark van Vugt – “taller individuals are seen as more leader-like because they are perceived as more dominant, healthy, and intelligent.”

But what happens when the tallest President in Africa turns out to be the shortest person in his own household?

You read that right; President Paul Kagame’s children, and even son-in-law Bertrand Ndengeyingoma, are all taller than him.

He, as well as his wife, may be shot callers in the family but their offspring tower way above them; in terms of height, of course.

Kagame’s daughter Ange recently married his longtime sweetheart Ndengeyingoma and when she posted the photos online, the comments were hilarious.

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