Sad: Patrick Musila’s wife Gertrude Nekesa diagnosed with cancer

Despite losing her uterus, Gertrude Nekesa’s husband Patrick Musila avowed to fully support and stand with her PHOTO/EDAILY

Gertrude Nekesa has been diagnosed with cancer.

Gertrude is the wife of Patrick Musila – the man who, in August, 2016, won the hearts of many Kenyans with his resolve to selflessly love his partner of 12 years despite Nekesa losing her womb in 2014.

Mr Musila said his wife developed cheek tumors in the face which were removed in 2015 at the Kenyatta National Hospital.

However further examination into her condition, has now revealed that she has cheek cancer.

“She went to Kenyatta National Hospital where she was given the results Tuesday, September 27. I was in Ruiru at the time. She is set to begin chemotherapy. God will remain faithful. Let His will be done here on earth and in heaven. Nonetheless, I will never think of leaving my dear Gertrude,” Mr Musila told eDaily.

Mr Musila exclusively narrated to eDaily the health challenges his wife has been through – until now that she has been diagnosed with cancer.

“It was in August, 2014 that my wife had her uterus removed at the Thika Level 5 Hospital. The doctors said she had fibroids. They had grown so large over the years, and they had to remove them to save her life,” said Patrick.

One and a half years later Gertrude developed tumors in the face and they had to be removed. Patrick took her to Kenyatta National Hospital where surgeries to remove the tumors were performed on Gertrude. As a result, some flesh and part of her left jaw were removed, leaving a ‘hole’ in her face.

And even after all these challenges, Patrick firmly stated: “I promise to love my wife forever, and vow to do everything to see her get back to good health. (And about children, we would adopt). It is God that blesses couples with children. We accept our situation. We know God has many good plans for my wife and I.”



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