Patience Ozokwor reveals what God warned her about


Celebrated Nollywood actress Patience Ozokwor says God asked her to refrain from wearing make-up and tight clothes.

Speaking to Nigeria’s Star, Ms Ozokwor said: “putting on make-up, jewelry and a pair of trousers as a lady is wrong.”

She adds God told her to cut her dreadlocks, and that her destiny could have been hell had she not gotten to the year 2016.

Ms Ozokwor said she fasted for 21 days and willingly adopted a lifestyle change.

Ms Ozokwor, popularly known as Mama Gee, said that she has been preaching to female colleagues in the Nollywood industry against make up, jewelry and trousers.

It is this revelation that made many fans to claim that the gifted film act has thrown in the towel in matters acting and has fully shifted to ministry.

Ms Ozokwor denies: “Yes, God told me to dress like this. He never told me to stop acting. Don’t mind all those people who are lying. They can lie on a person who is alive much more a person who is dead. I never stopped acting, my fans gave me Mama Gee, Gee for General, I love my fans and I will still be in films” she said in a recent Nigerian interview.

Ms Ozokwor, 58, is a mother of three biological children and five adopted children. She was married at 19. Her husband died from terminal illness in 2002.

The acclaimed actress attributes her ageless look to God’s favour.

“God is the secret behind my ageless look, and I also eat what my body needs, I take a lot of fruits and exercise when it’s necessary. And most imperatively, I don’t drink alcohol because I have realized that alcohol does a lot of damage to the body and makes you look older than your age,” she said in a 2014 interview.

Ms Ozokwor, a trained teacher, has featured in over 250 movies to date.





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