Pastor’s phone call ‘triggers’ woman to burn husband


Police in Nakuru are looking for a woman who allegedly burnt her husband after the couple disagreed over a phone call the woman received from a pastor Sunday night.

The victim, Fred Ochieng, says besides the controversial phone call, the two also disagreed over the man’s latest move to seek employment in Kisumu.

Mr Ochieng, 23, has been hospitalised at the Nairobi Women’s Hospital, Nakuru branch, after sustaining 37 percent physical burns on his head, stomach, thighs, hands and abdomen.

Mr Ochieng says he was watching television at his brother’s house in Milimani estate Tuesday when his wife poured hot oil on him.

According to Mr Ochieng, he was accompanied by his wife to his brother’s place in Nakuru after the former got an invitation to attend a job interview in Kisumu.

Mr Ochieng says his wife was not impressed by the news.

“It broke her heart,” said Mr Ochieng.

Benson Waganda, the victim’s brother said he received the couple on Sunday and was prepared to accompany Mr Ochieng to Kisumu.

Mr Waganda says, at the time of the incident, he was in his room preparing to leave for Kisumu when he heard his brother cry for help after the suspect had poured hot oil on him and escaped on a motorcycle.

According to Mr Waganda, what triggered the woman to commit the said offense is a controversial call that she received from her pastor Sunday 11pm, and when the husband enquired about content of the call, the suspect ignored him.

“Ochieng was not happy with the call. He complained to his wife, but she did not give any explanation on what the call was about,” said Mr Waganda.

Lawrence Anyango, Mr Ochieng’s father, says the couple has never known peace since they wedded in church nearly two years ago.

The old man says the wife has been complaining of loneliness every time her husband, a casual labourer, leaves for work.

Nakuru OCPD Joshua Omukata says investigations have commenced to arrest the suspect.



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