Pastor launches soap that “increases women’s beauty”

Prophet Tapiwa Freddy of Goodness and Mercy Ministries in Harare, Zimbabwe in late March this year launched “anointed soaps” for his female followers claiming that the bath product will “easily lure men into love relationships” with them.

Prophet Tapiwa further claimed that the soap is capable of rekindling lost love.

“All married women, your prayers have been heard, if your husband is cheating on you and even if he has lost interest in you sexually your anointed soap is the answer,” Prophet Tapiwa told his congregation; as quoted by Kapital971.

“All you have to do is bath yourself with that soap,” he said.

“To the singles if you are unlucky in love, anointed soap is the answer, you will find men approaching you, they will see you attractive and beautiful. Physically unattractive women will be married this season because of what God will be doing through anointed soaps,” Prophet Tapiwa preached further.

Congregants who had attended the service with different types of soaps requested the man of clothe to convert the suds into the anointed ones.

The 31-year-old prophet is not new to controversy as in 2013, he was accused of snatching his friend and fellow church member‘s wife.

A scuffle would ensue between the two buddies, and the pastor was thus physically assaulted by the woman’s husband.

Allegations are that the bishop’s friend had a dispute with his wife and the pastor took advantage of the circumstances before ‘snatching’ the woman.

He thereafter rented her a house elsewhere. Since that incident, there has been a rift between the parties.


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