Pastor joins Jalang’o in calling out gospel musicians

Debate on whether modern crop of gospel musicians are living according to Biblical teachings, continues to rage on social media, with new opinions being expressed each new day by different sections.

Recently, comedian and Hot 96 FM presenter Jalang’o rubbed contemporary gospel musicians the wrong way, when he claimed a significant chunk of new-age gospel artistes are producing “shallow” and “misleading” content.

Size 8 was the first to call out Jalang’o.

However, Jalang’o’s camp seems to be getting newer supporters by the day, with a pastor, identified as James Reborn on Facebook, saying new-age gospel musicians are working hard to “secularise” gospel music.

The ‘Man of God’ also had issue with gospel music awards, Groove, terming it as “fake” and “unnecessary”.

The irked pastor further stated that certain dance styles such as Bazokizo and Odi are “leading the youth astray”.

“They [modern day gospel artistes] are just a lost generation hiding in church,” said James Reborn.

GROVE AWARD is fake there is no power of gospel in those awards they are just lost generation hiding in the church…

Posted by James Reborn on Wednesday, June 27, 2018

James’s statement echoes that which had been made last week by comedian Jalang’o.

“There is absolutely no gospel content this year. They [gospel musicians] do not even mention God anymore; God is only mentioned as a by the way at the tail end of the song,” said Jalang’o, adding: “[Gospel musicians], retake, rejuvenate and bring back the content that is gospel industry.”

Statements by Jalang’o and Pastor James have attracted myriad responses, with different online users expressing mixed reactions. EDAILY samples a few of the responses:

Harim Harry said: “I thought l was alone, mchungaji. Dunia imeingia kwa kanisa.”

Paul Owino said: “Well said. Nowadays, these young gospel singers have distorted the gospel music industry; they are misleading people. To make it worse, those semi-gospel songs are being played inside churches; and some pastors are unmoved. Help us Lord, and show us the right way to follow.”

Faith Kegohi said: “There is a lot of corruption inside the [gospel] industry. If gospel musicians are focused on making money; and being famous, they will be frustrated.”

The debate on the role and purpose of modern day gospel music, seemingly, would continue to take shape and spark divisions online.








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