Pastor ‘flies’ to church altar – VIDEO

Everyone knows the importance of making an entrance, but last Sunday, a pastor in Southaven, Mississppi took things to a dramatic new level.

Bartholomew Orr of Brown Baptist Church descended to the altar for a sermon about the return of Jesus via zip-line.

“Are you ready for his return?” Orr asked the members of his congregation as he began zip-lining down.

“He is coming again. Jesus Christ is on his way back,” Orr said, adding: “Revelations verse one, chapter seven says that that day is going to come when the sky is cracked and Jesus Christ comes again and every eye will see him when he comes again.”

Orr has been the senior pastor of the Brown Baptist Church since 1989.

While some worshipers were watching Pastor Orr in awe, a few others whipped out their phones to capture the moment, which was also broadcast on Brown’s YouTube channel.

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