Pastor, ‘demon-keeping’ claims have ruined my marriage – Busia woman


A 31-year-old woman from Rukala Village in Budalangi, Busia County is living in fear after her in-laws allegedly assaulted and threw her out of her matrimonial home on claims that she keeps demons.

Agnes Akinyi claims her in-laws beat her up in front of her husband and area assistant chief, John Odino, after a local pastor told them that she has been engaging in witchcraft.

The mother-of-five says her attempts to return to her matrimonial to pick her children have been thwarted after her in-laws beat up security agents, who had accompanied her to her husband’s place.

Assistant chief John Odino declined to comment on the matter.

It remains unclear what prompted the said-pastor to accuse Akinyi of demon-keeping.

“I urge the government to come to my rescue. I fear they [in-laws] would kill me if they discover where I am staying,” said Akinyi.

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