Paris couple mistakes Victoria Kimani for Nicki Minaj

A French couple, on Wednesday, October 24, mistaken Kenyan musician, Victoria Kimani, for celebrated U.S. rapper Nicki Minaj.

Kimani was touring Paris, when the incident happened.

The “Show” hit-maker took to Instagram and Twitter to reveal how the star-struck couple was excited to see her, and even requested to take a picture with her.

“So, here I was doing touristy things In Paris, and this couple came up to me and literally handed me their baby and told me to take a picture with her. I later found out that they thought that I was @nickiminaj,” said Kimani on her Instagram page.

“While I do appreciate the ultra-sweet compliment, but guys, I don’t look like the queen; not even a little bit. One day, this child will grow up and realise that I am, in fact, not Nicki, but a pop star from Africa (which is super cool too),” she said.

For the longest time, Victoria has been hit with statements claiming she resembles Minaj. She, on several instances, denied being Nicki’s doppelganger.

In October 2015, Kimani told EDAILY that she doesn’t like it when people claim she looks like the “Anaconda” star.

“According to you, do I look like Nicki? Do I? She is Nicki and I am Victoria Kimani; none looks like the other. I am fed up, when everyone makes such comparisons. I prefer, when you ask me about the show that I just ‘killed’ a few minutes ago, the energy in my performance, and how the crowd received it,” Kimani told an EDAILY reporter, who sought a comment on the comparisons, in October 2015, shortly after taking off the stage at a Morgan Heritage concert held at KICC in Nairobi.

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