P-Unit’s Gabu and Frasha blast Bobby Mapesa after beef track… Here’s what they said

After sparking an exchange of abuses with the “Godfather of Genge” Nonini, it seems Bobby Mapesa’s song Tuzidi is still muddying the waters, with P-Unit sharing their views on the distrack.

Speaking to Radio Citizen’s Mseto EA host, Willy M. Tuva, Gabu and Frasha stated that they had no knowledge of the rapper, disparagingly suggesting that perhaps Mapesa is an “upcoming artiste” .

Tuva played them the beef-sparking track – Tuzidi, and asked the P-Unit members what they thought about it.

“…Ako sawa ameanguka na beats,” Gabu said.

In the track, Mapesa disses Nonini and P-Unit said “Nilifyeka Mgenge kwa mtoto mzuri akazaa ile Unit saa hii ime beat…

When asked about how the diss has affected him, Gabu said: “My life is fine. I have been able to release hit songs and I am still relevant…And I have my own money…a lot more than his!”

Like Nonini, he accused Mapesa of being broke.

“I think he should change his name to Bobby hana pesa,” Gabu suggested.

On the other hand, Frasha ‘thanked’ Mapesa for singing about them, saying: “Ni poa upcoming artists wanaimba juu yetu,” he said.

In mid-March, Nonini clapped back at Mapesa saying that the rapper should not call himself  “Mapesa” is he’s struggling to make ends meet.

“How you call yourself Mapesa na rent hauwezi lipa na bado uko route 11? Sina time. Ongeza bidii ndio tuongee,”  Nonini tweeted.

Haven’t heard the song? Here’s the video.


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