P-Unit’s Frasha and Gabu address sugar mummy rumours

P-Unit’s Frasha and Gabu address sugar mummy rumours

P-Unit members, Frasha and Gabu, have denied claims that they are dating sugar mummies – allegations that were made by rival rapper Bobby Mapesa.

Mapesa made the sugar mummy allegations in an interview with Mpasho, saying that the two are bankrolled by old wealthy women.

“You didn’t know that these guys have sugar mummies? These guys wameolewa [by wealthy women]. Their videos are being shot for them, and they walk around this town saying that they have money. What money?” Mapesa said.

In an interview with Radio Citizen’s Mzazi Willy M Tuva, the Wabe hit-makers refuted the rappers claims.

“I do not want to ask you this question, but I have to. Your fans want to know. Bobby said that you date sugar mummies. What is your reaction to that?” Tuva asked.

“If my wife is a sugar mummy, then it’s okay. I love her, don’t I?” Frasha said sarcastically, adding: “Sugar mummy means she gives me ‘sugar’ at home.”

He went on to disparage Mapesa, saying that the rapper makes such comments because he is uneducated.

“You know when someone has not gone to school…there are some things that they might not know,” he added.

Asked the same question, Gabu said, “I love my wife, just the way she is.

This is not the first time that the rappers have clashed. In March, Mapesa released a track where he slammed Nonini and P-Unit.

Mapesa dissed Nonini and P-Unit saying “Nilifyeka Mgenge kwa mtoto mzuri akazaa ile Unit saa hii ime beat…”

When asked about how the diss has affected him, Gabu said: “My life is fine. I have been able to release hit songs and I am still relevant…And I have my own money…a lot more than his!”

Like Nonini, he accused Mapesa of being broke.

“I think he should change his name to Bobby hana pesa,” Gabu suggested.


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