P-Square’s Peter Okoye in fresh rift with brothers


Just when fans had started to believe that the dust had settled at the disturbed P-Square kingdom, Peter Okoye has threatened to sue the group’s former manager and his elder brother Jude Okoye.

According to the reports, the music producer is being called out by his younger brother for booking a solo performance for Paul Okoye, with the P-Square brand.

“This goes out to all my fans in Congo specifically, and the entire world in general: my attention has been drawn to a much publicised show going down today 8th July, 2016 (VIP Show) and tomorrow 9th July, 2016, (in Goma) and on the 17th of August in Kinshasa wherein the name P-Square was used maliciously and mischievously to garner patronage and huge fans attendance as against the stage name Rudeboy which is used when my Twin Brother, Paul,” ranted Peter.

“I never endorsed the usage of my name as the contractual terms presented were not favourable to me, thus I am not part of the show booked by our former manager, Jude and I wholeheartedly disassociate myself from the unauthorized use of my co-owned stage name (P-Square) and images for promotional and economic reasons without my express written consent or permission,” continued Peter Okoye.

“Contrary to the wild allegations making the rounds that I could not attend the show because I am sick and missed my flight along with my crew members, I wish to counter same and state categorically, that I am 101% healthy. I shall take appropriate legal actions in the nearest future against the character assassination and malicious misrepresentation. Thank you. MR.P (Peter of P-Square)”

Following the friction between Peter Okoye and Jude Okoye earlier 2016, the Afro-fusion duo split up as Jude got fired from his role as manager, causing bad blood for over a month.

Once again, issues have cropped up that might spin into another ugly drama starring the Okoye brothers.

As in the last disagreement among the brothers, Paul is yet to make any comments on the situation.

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