P-Square’s Paul Okoye exposes Kenyan woman who threatened to ‘kill’ him



Former P-Square member Paul Okoye, who goes by the stage Rude Boy, has taken to social media to expose an alleged Kenyan woman who, unsuccessfully, solicited money from him.

Posting on Instagram a screenshot of the woman’s undated private message to him on Tuesday, Okoye said he wasn’t moved, even a bit, by the woman’s threat, claiming she would kill him after he failed to send her some money.

The woman’s private message to Okoye reads: “Hi Paul Okoye, I am Morah; turning 22 years old in July [this year]. I am a Kenyan, but currently [living] in Tanzania with my parents. I am using this account, which is my mum’s, to send you this message. Can you kindly please help me financially by sponsoring me to study at a university in USA? And, can you please help me to go to the US this June to have fun? Please reply to me today without fail.”

Paul Okoye, however, did not respond to the said-Morah’s message, triggering a series of outbursts from the disappointed woman.

“Paul Okoye, since you did not come through to give me what I wanted; and since you are so evil, I, Morah, will kill you; just like I will kill other evil people. God wants you and other people dead… Keep your evil dirty money to yourself. Go to hell,” wrote the woman in a text we have since censored.

The said-Morah did not stop there, however. In a subsequent message, she bragged to Okoye that she would move on to another person who would “give me what I want”.

“I am God’s daughter. I am off to new people, who would respond immediately [to my texts], and give me what I want. You are an imbecile, Paul Okoye… And don’t come back [begging me] for a second chance because I won’t give you [that opportunity],” said the aggrieved woman.

Having had enough of the woman’s rants, Okoye took to Instagram to laugh off the woman’s threats.

“Some humans, though… [You’re threatening me], yet your hell fire will be intense. Second chance? See you there [adds laughing face emoji],” wrote Okoye as a caption of the screenshots he had attached.

The Nigerian artiste’s post attracted at least 3, 400 comments, with a chunk of those who responded making fun of the woman’s threats.

Paul Okoye and his brother, Peter Okoye, who made up the much-celebrated music group, P-Square, went separate ways in mid-2017 after either of them accused the other of mismanaging the outfit’s finances.

Just like Paul Okoye, Peter has also gone solo in his music career, christening himself as Mr P for stage performances.



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