Outrage as Miguna makes sexually aggressive comments about Passaris

Kenyans on Twitter have ganged up to protest comments made by Nairobi gubernatorial aspirant Miguna Miguna toward Esther Passaris on national television Wednesday night.

Appearing as guests on KTN’s Jeff Koinange Live, Miguna Miguna and Esther Passaris differed on a wide array of issues, including either party’s planned model of governance, commitment in fight against corruption and the objective of running for office.

However, the conversation began going south when Miguna Miguna made a remark that at the time – till today – lit Twitter, with many online users expressing their displeasure at Miguna’s comment – and how it easily slipped host Jeff Koinange’s control.

“You are so beautiful, everybody wants to rape you,” Miguna said.

And an awkward silence followed when host Jeff Koinange read out a tweet from a user urging Miguna and Passaris “to get a room already.”

Jeff, however, attempted to steer the conversation back to sanity when he chimed in, saying: “Can we get back to the issues.”

Jeff’s effort to stamp authority as host did little to change the nature of conversation as Miguna went on to claim that Passaris had said she would ‘take a sex holiday in 2008 if Raila Odinga was declared president.’

Playing down Miguna’s allegations, Passaris said: “He is so full of rumours and rumours and rumours. I feel he has no respect for women; and 50 percent of voters in the city are women.”

But Miguna would retaliate that Passaris is “selling beauty and she is nothing but a flower girl.”

With all the drama, lewd comments and accusations made on national TV, Kenyans took to Twitter to condemn Miguna Miguna for his remarks.

@Ngwata_ said: “Jeff (Koinange) tolerating a rape joke and sexist comments from Miguna towards Passaris on his show is totally poignant.”

@Ekisiangani wrote: “Jeff Koinange should stop conducting shows in which participants insult each other using vulgar language. How can the nation watch such shows!”

@Maingiwaweru observed: “I always thought TV/Radio shows have their own rules and regulations. How embarrassing to watch @EstherPassaris (being) humilitated.”

@Willymcmanaman said: “Jeff Koinange should have asked Miguna to imagine he was talking to his wife #MigunaRespectWomen.”

@CiruMuriuki said: “I find it shocking that @KoinangeJeff would stand by chuckling as Miguna Miguna made those obscene remarks to @EstherPassaris.”

Esther Passaris has taken to Twitter Thursday to thank Kenyans for standing by her after the controversial TV interview.

“And to the men and women who’ve strongly condemned how I was treated on JKL last night, thank you for being a beacon of light. I am even more determined to become the Governor of Nairobi to ensure citizens are not subjected to such ridicule. Men like Miguna have no place or role to play in our empowerment. He is part of the problem.”

Miguna has, however, defended himself, saying Passaris accused him of rape.

“I understand that there is an edited video circulating about an interaction Esther Passaris and I had off-set yesterday during the second Nairobi gubernatorial debate on KTN TV’s #JKL. The video omits the portion where Esther Passaris accused me of rape. She did not specify whom I had allegedly raped, where, when and with what evidence. My response was to state that: ‘Esther believe that she is so beautiful that everyone wants to rape her…’. It was done sarcastically to expose her duplicity…”



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