Mixed reactions as Kenyan man marries another


A Kenyan man has defied his native cultural expectation and tied the knot with another man in Michigan, USA.

Ben Gitau, 33, married an American mathematics professor, Steve Damelin, at a ceremony held at Ann Arbor, MI, on Saturday, May 14.

In a packed service at the Square’s gardens, Gitau – a native of Nakuru County – was seen kissing in public as guests cheered.

Gitau thereafter posted controversial hash tags on Twitter and Facebook.

“#‎HappilyMarried ‪#‎NewlyWed ‪#‎GayCouple ‪#‎GayHusbands ‪#‎2Hubbies‪#‎Blessed ‪#‎JewishHubby ‪#‎ChristianHubby‪#‎Hubby1 ‪#‎Hubby2 ‪#‎4Ever1‪#‎InGodsMath ‪#‎GetItRight ‪#‎NoWife ‪#‎ThankYou!,” wrote Gitau.

Kenya Satellite Network says Kararu Ririi, a close friend to the couple, tweeted: “This afternoon I had a chance to congratulate my friend, Ben and his husband, Steve on occasion of their marriage. It is a rare thing to see a Kenyan man so courageous! Congratulations,” said Mr Ririi.

Gitau lived in Atlanta, Georgia, before moving to the state of California.

Same-sex-marriage was legalized in the State of Michigan in June, 2015 in a landmark US Supreme court decision.

The law says: “as long as they (gay couple) love each other” they are free to marry.

Kenyans have taken to social media to express mixed reactions to the gay wedding.

Kamau Wa Nganga: So the Kenyan is the wife? And the American is the husband? How now? This is unacceptable.

Rose Waithera: Not African culture!

Katrine Kate: Signs that world is ending.

Vicky Wawira Elliah: Disgusted by the whole idea…..Jesus is the way, the truth and the light!

Jay Obaga Nyang’ai: I would like to presume these intellectuals did it for “status”.

Ogai Edgar Ogollah: A professor of Mathematics couldn’t get the definition of marriage right….ignorance?

However, not all online users condemned the same-gender pair for tying the knot.

Liz Muturi: Since it is their choice we just shut up en leave the rest to God Almighty.

Patricia Malowa: We only have one true judge who is God. I can’t judge them. Congratulations new couple.

Princess Frankie Knightly: Them marrying doesn’t make anyone not to eat. Let them be. Congrats to them.

Rasheed Duba: This is solely a matter of choice, at personal level!

Shattah Gyal Mslim Shaddy: Do what your heart tells you to do. He did the right thing according to him. Congrats.


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