Outrage after top radio hosts make ‘offensive’ comments against victim of sexual assault


A Twitter user, Michael Murumba, is breathing fire after presenters of a Swahili radio station in the country allegedly made sexually offensive comments against a supposed victim of sexual harassment, who had phoned the radio station Tuesday morning to seek advice.

Murumba tweeted: “A house girl calls in (name of radio station withheld) morning show, complaining of her boss sexually abusing her. The two men, the hosts, start making fun of her. SMH.”

Murumba continues his chronological account of the events, detailing what one of the presenters said: “He touches you where? And for how long? Don’t you feel anything? Has he ever opened the servers? Do you feel offended because he is ugly?

“When he is touching you, where are your hands? Are you beautiful? How do you dress while alone in the house when he is around? Nyuma yako (bum) iko sawa?

“Do you accept any financial favors from him? Do you have a boyfriend? Is he always drunk? Wakati anakupapasa, kwani wewe huwa umeweka tu mikono yako kwa mabega yake?” wrote Murumba.

Another presenter, of the morning breakfast show duo, chimes in, saying: “Unakaa mzuri sana. I should hire you as my house girl.”

The series of tweets, which have since gone viral on social media, sparked anger among a section of online users, who called out the radio presenters for being “insensitive”, “unprofessional” and “callous”.

Harriet Nesoba said: “This is so gross. I cannot believe it is a national radio we are talking about.”

James Mutuku, who came to the defense of the radio presenters, found himself receiving a backlash for his comment. He tweeted: “That was on a light touch boss, they gave her some advice.”

Online users immediately responded to Mutuku’s tweet. Linda Ogola wrote: “No, don’t excuse rubbish, whether it was on a lighter note or not. Sexual harassment issues should not be joked about.”

Gathoni Wainaina said: “There is no light note when it comes to sexual abuse or any gender-based violence against women.”

Neither the radio station nor the presenters are yet to give an official response to Murumba or their listeners regarding the claims.

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