Otile Brown: Vera Sidika’s narrative on our break up is false

Vera Sidika and Otile Brown. [PHOTO | FILE]

Musician Otile Brown now says allegations by Vera Sidika that they broke up after he fell out of love with her are false.

Otile Brown claims the socialite-turned-entrepreneur “did something that really turned me off”, hence the split.

“There is something she did that really turned me off, and ever since the relationship has been on sinking; [we had] fights all the time; and I could feel the distance between us, even when we’re together, the love was fading away,” said Otile Brown on Instagram before pulling down the post.

“I believe she wrote all that not coz she is hurting, but coz she was afraid of what social media will say after realising that we aren’t together and, maybe, I have moved on with another queen,” said Otile Brown.

Sidika, who was the first to break the news about her split from Brown, took to her social media page on Friday, August 17 to accuse the “Chaguo la Moyo” hit-maker of using her to gain fame before opting out of her life.

“Imagine after 3 years of turning down video offers that were paying well because I stopped being a video vixen, I went out of my way to do it [feature as a vixen in Otile’s song ‘Baby Love’]. I wanted to support him. Five days after the [launch] of the video, he said he did not love me. I asked him: ‘When did you stop loving me?’ He said: ‘Since we jetted back into Kenya from Mauritius’. Why didn’t he tell me that at that time? If you stop loving someone, don’t let them be involved in your stuff,” said Vera Sidika on Instagram.

Otile Brown, however, denies Sidika’s claims.

“Vera is trying to paint me as heartless man, who uses women. She is doing that to make other women scared of me; she wants them to reject me anytime I make advances at them,” he said.

The ex-couple, who held family introductions mid 2018, officially began dating in April this year.

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