Otile Brown receives harsh feedback after picture of him carrying Vera Sidika goes viral

Celebrity lovebirds Otile Brown and Vera Sidika have, once again, attracted a barrage of comments to their social media pages after Ms Sidika posted a picture of the musician carrying her.

The couple took the picture recently while holidaying in Mauritius.

“Get you a strong man who can carry you like a baby,” Ms Sidika captioned the picture posted to her Instagram page.

And in their hundreds, Instagram users reacted by throwing shade at Otile Brown, saying “plastic is always light”; and, therefore, it was easy for the “Chaguo la Moyo” star to lift the curvaceous socialite.

It is in public domain that Vera Sidika has undergone cosmetic surgery to increase the size of her breasts.

EDAILY samples some of the online users’ comments below:

Namulembo_(@regine_deena): Somebody said he probably fainted after the pic…. Kenyans can shade… Ati plastic is not heavy!

Brainchild_ke: Brathe, si unajua plastic ni airborne?

Teady_boo: This man looks like he is about to fall on that water.

Shakila_001: Plastics are not known to be heavy.

Wilson_njoroge: This Otile guy should be arrested for carrying plastic around.

Duchess.amy: Vera, please get you a full grown man with the capacity and standards to take care of you.

Jeffthaplugg: It is illegal to carry plastic in public in Kenya; ndiyo maana ulienda kubebea Mauritius?

Kevolimo: You know balloons have no weight, right?

Humphoh: Wacheni boychild apambane na hali yake.

Zaqtheprince: If you think you are going through life struggles, you are not.  Put yourself in Otile Brown’s shoes – carrying Vera!

Mary_nganga_elliot: This is child abuse!

In a past interview with EDAILY, Otile Brown said he was unperturbed by those claiming he has gotten into a relationship with a woman “full of plastics in her body”.

Speculations into the pair’s relationship swirled in late April 2018, when a picture and video of them holding each other cozily went viral on Instagram. The two would, on April 25, confirm that they were an item.


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