Otile Brown: Not rich enough to finance Vera Sidika’s expensive lifestyle? He speaks out


Fast-rising R&B singer Otile Brown says socialite Vera Sidika is in love with him, not because of the financial advantages that would, probably, come with dating him.

Otile Brown believes Ms Sidika understands that he is a “hustler”, and, therefore, would not make expensive lifestyle demands.

This comes even as a section of online users continue to question if Otile Brown has the financial muscle to bankroll Ms Sidika’s luxurious life.

The socialite-turned-businesswoman has, in the far and recent past, been posting to her social media pages pictures showing her eating life with a big spoon.

Speculations were – as a result – rife, with quotas claiming wealthy Nigerian and Arab men were financing her trips to Dubai, Lagos, the U.S., among other top world destinations.

Will Otile Brown fit the bill? He thinks so.

“Vera Sidika is a rich woman. She is, probably, doing much better (financially) than some of the politicians that I know. She has her money. I have my money. I am one of the most sought after artistes in Kenya currently. Despite that, Ms Sidika knows that she is getting into a relationship with a hustler. She also hustled hard to be where she is today. So, she knows that our relationship won’t be founded on luxury and such like things,” he said in an interview with Citizen TV on Thursday, May 10.

Convinced, in love, upbeat and optimistic of a future with Vera, Otile Brown was, however, noncommittal when he was asked if wedding plans were underway.

“She is my lover. Of wedding plans? Not soon. We’re still young, and I believe we should enjoy life to the fullest before choosing to settle down. Currently, we are working on building a solid foundation in our relationship,” he said during the “Trends and Entertainment” show.

And to those who called out Otile Brown for getting into a relationship with “a woman who has undergone multiple cosmetic surgeries”, the singer says he is unperturbed and that he “loves the plastic”.

Speculations into the pair’s relationship swirled in late April 2018, when a picture and video of them holding each other cozily went viral on Instagram. The two would, on April 25, confirm that they were an item.


The “Kiistarabu” hit-maker on Wednesday, May 9 suffered a blow after his popular hit song titled “Chaguo la Moyo” was deleted from YouTube.

According to him, the music video which had over 1.4 million views, was brought down after a woman identified as Janet Kipsang laid claim to it. He now suspects that the supposed Janet Kipsang is his competitor in the music industry.

“I think ‘she’ is not happy with my breakthrough in music. That malicious person has used that name (Janet Kipsang) to hoodwink my fans. I think ‘she’ is engaging in a meaningless ploy because the song has already served its purpose, anyway; it is so big that when I take the stage, fans effortlessly sing along to it. I don’t think that ‘she’ will succeed in bringing me down,” said Otile Brown.

He says YouTube has launched investigations into the ownership dispute.

“My legal team has reached out to the said Janet Kipsang and asked her to provide original work of the disputed video. They (Otile Brown’s legal team) have also written a protest note to YouTube,” he said, adding: “My video should be restored to YouTube between ten and 12 days from May 9, should the said Janet fail to give proof that I illegally uploaded her content to the videos platform.”


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