Otile Brown: I don’t give media interviews


In the wake of ego-bruising allegations on his “wanting” bedroom skills, Otile Brown has come out to say he doesn’t give media interviews – at all.

Speaking to EDAILY on phone Monday afternoon, the musician said he reached that decision, which he terms as a brand-management strategy.

“I do not need to be all over. I can’t promise to grant you an interview today or in the near future. As an artiste, I should be very strategic on how I go about media tours and general interviews. I should grant such sessions when I have something to say or introduce into the market. Currently, I have taken a break from such interviews as I strategise on my brand,” said Otile Brown.

Asked whether he doesn’t feel the heat to respond to his ex-lover Vera Sidika’s damaging allegations concerning his sexual stamina and manhood, Otile Brown hung up on this writer.

On Monday, November 19, Sidika lifted the lid on her sex life with Otile Brown, saying the musician’s bedroom skills are “pathetic”.

Taking to her Instagram page, via the Insta stories feature, Sidika said throughout her six month-plus relationship with the “Mapenzi Hisia” star, she never experienced an orgasm.

“He claimed I am a sex addict, and would play with myself while sleeping. Who wouldn’t if a man cannot satisfy you? No foreplay [from him], no kisses, no touching… He just f**ks and gets an orgasm in 10 seconds. Of course, I had to play with myself because he left me hanging; there is [absolutely] nothing wrong in that [masturbation],” said Sidika.

The video vixen further claimed Otile Brown’s manhood is “small”.

“If you think that I am lying [that he has a small manhood], ask the girls he has f**ked,” said Sidika.

The “Nalia” hit-maker further said she was the one who taught Otile Brown how to have sexual intercourse.

“[Even after teaching him how to make love to a woman], he still never got it. It was a topic of discussion from time to time,” said Sidika.

Sidika further gave an explanation on why she stayed in the relationship despite not climaxing during sex with the singer.

“So many women fake orgasms or stay unsatisfied in relationships. Women can be with a guy with the biggest d*ck and best sex game and still not be in love with him, but fall in love with a man with the tiniest d*ck and masturbate because of emotional attraction and how he makes her feel [in terms of] love, care and attention. So, it is not always about sex,” said Sidika.

The entrepreneur says despite Otile Brown having poor skills in the bedroom, “I stayed faithful”.

Sidika accuses the “Baby Love” star of cheating on her, nonetheless.

“I hate ungrateful people. Imagine a man you f**k even when the sex is bad, and still stay faithful; I never cheated on him. I still supported him; promoted his songs on my Instagram page, gave him money when he needed it, I featured as a video vixen in his song for free. Above all, I wanted a baby [with him] despite knowing I would be the one to pay bills for him/her [baby], then he still cheated and disrespected me and act like nothing happened. I leave it all to karma,” said Sidika.

Vera Sidika and Otile Brown’s on-and-off relationship began in April, 2018 and first ended in August, 2018 before they rekindled their love affair in October, 2018 and the pair announced an eventual split in early November.



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