Otile Brown evades question on Vera Sidika’s pregnancy


Fast-rising R&B singer Otile Brown would not confirm or deny whether his lover, Vera Sidika, is pregnant.

The rumour mill, in April 2018, was rife with speculations that Ms Sidika was expecting Otile Brown’s baby. Neither has the singer nor his socialite girlfriend set the record straight.

And recently, Otile Brown failed to give a clear answer, when he was asked to clarify the unconfirmed reports.

“I won’t comment about that [Vera Sidika’s rumoured pregnancy],” Otile Brown told Tanzanian radio presenter Lil Ommy during a recent interview.

The “Chaguo La Moyo” crooner also rubbished reports that he and Ms Sidika have gone separate ways.

Otile Brown says he is “more than ready” to tie the knot with the video vixen.

“She [Vera Sidika] is cute, smart and intelligent. I just love everything about her. I believe anything can happen,” Otile Brown said.

The musician further said he does not fear facing competition from other men, who are interested in his flame, Vera.

“When we began dating, I told Vera that our love should be mutual and reciprocatory. I warned her against cheating on me, given I would be tempted to do the same,” he said.

Otile Brown said he and Ms Sidika met at an event in Nairobi in late 2017, where they exchanged contacts.

The two, according to Otile, would communicate on phone for nearly eight months before deciding to date.

“She has everything I am looking for in a partner,” said Otile Brown.

The singer’s upbeat declarations come in the wake of increased skepticism among their fans, who do not think that Otile Brown has the financial muscle to bankroll Vera Sidika’s expensive lifestyle.

Otile Brown, however, in a past interview with Citizen TV, said Vera Sidika is in love with him, not because of the financial advantages that would, probably, come with dating him.

Otile Brown expressed belief that Ms Sidika understands that he is a “hustler”.

“Vera Sidika is a rich woman. She is, probably, doing much better [financially] than some of the politicians that I know. She has her money. I have my money. I am one of the most sought after artistes in Kenya currently. Despite that, Ms Sidika knows that she is getting into a relationship with a hustler. She also hustled hard to be where she is today. So, she knows that our relationship won’t be founded on luxury and such like things,” he said in an interview with Citizen TV on May 10.

To those who called out Otile Brown for getting into a relationship with “a woman who has undergone multiple cosmetic surgeries”, the singer said he was unperturbed and that he “loves the plastic”.

Speculations into the pair’s relationship swirled in late April 2018, when a picture and video of them holding each other cozily went viral on Instagram. The two would, on April 25, confirm that they were an item.

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