Other father(s) of your children should also take responsibility: Ruto to woman who sued him for child support


Deputy President William Ruto has claimed a middle-aged woman who sued him for child support Thursday got three kids with other men.

The Deputy President now wants the woman to channel her quest for child support of the other three children to their biological father(s) – and that with him (Ruto), he will only provide for his 11-year-old daughter.

“For the record, I did find Abby’s mother a 90k-a-month job, 40k monthly upkeep ever since. She went ahead and got her own three other kids though.

“The other father(s) should be men enough and look after their kids. Trying blackmail for me to cater for other men’s children won’t work,” wrote DP Ruto.

Ruto had earlier taken to Twitter to admit having sired the woman’s child, but refuted her argument that he has since neglected his fatherly responsibilities when he ascended to Deputy President position.

“My 11-year-old child Abby is well-catered for, including her education in a private boarding school. Politicians and busybodies should keep off,” said Ruto.

According to court documents seen by EDAILY, the woman claims she met Ruto in the year 2005 while she was a student at Moi University.

She says DP Ruto was the then-Member of Parliament (MP) for Eldoret North Constituency, when they started off their relationship.

“During our relationship and whenever Ruto was in Eldoret he would invite me to his residence in Eldoret where I would spend the night with him,” she said.

The woman claims she acquiesced to the DP’s advances because of her “gullibility as a young and naive student.”

In the court papers filed at the Children Court, the women claims that her relationship with Ruto resulted into a pregnancy.

She adds she gave birth to a baby girl on March 6, 2006 at the Mediheal Hospital – and that the DP promised to take full responsibility for their daughter, but claims that is yet to happen.

“Since becoming the Deputy President the defendant stopped sending us money or sends when I threaten to go to court; and when he does send any money, the payment is irregular and whole inadequate and hence the necessity of these proceedings,” argued the petitioner.

She further claims she was forced to move out of a house Ruto was paying for and move into a smaller, cheaper house.

In her affidavit, she says that she received KSh35, 000 from Ruto’s messenger, who informed her that he had been told to send her the money by Ruto.

“Since then I have not received any other form of support from the defendant, “claims the woman.

Through her lawyer Gitobu Imanyara, the woman argues that the 11-year-old is entitled to and is in dire need of basic necessities, adding that Ruto is under legal obligation to support the plaintiff in the provision of such adequate or basic needs necessities as he is the father of the minor.





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