Orie Rogo Manduli’s surprising revelation about CORD leader Raila Odinga


Opposition chief Raila Odinga and former chairperson of NGO Council Orie Rogo Manduli are cousins, says the stylish former Miss Kenya.

Many did not know this relation until she revealed it on KTN’s Jeff Koinange Live show on Thursday, June 9th.

Ms Manduli said that Raila Odinga was brought up alongside her by her parents in Kisumu.

Referring to her nickname, Agwambess, Manduli said: “I am called Agwambess because I am the cousin sister of Agwambo (Raila Odinga).”

Jeff appeared surprised, and Manduli did not hesitate to explain: “You did not know? My parents brought him (Raila) up. My father and mother taught him. We are known as Ololo. We both grew up in Kaloleni, Kisumu. So, we are known as Ololo kids. I call Raila Wuod Ololo and he calls me Nyar Ololo,” she said.

And when Jeff Koinange inquired to know how frequent Manduli keeps in touch with “Baba”, she said: “I talk to him any time. I talk to him when it matters. He is busy. He also speaks to me when I am not planting maize in Kitale. To me he is my brother. I call him Jakom (Chairman). That is what he is – Chairman, isn’t it? Or I just call him bro.”

Raila Odinga lost to President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2013 General Election and has expressed his interest in taking a shot at the presidency yet again in 2017.

Manduli thinks Raila is the best fit in 2017 presidential election.

“I think he will make a great President – not because he is my brother. But just because he has got the experience, the passion and the oomph to say and do things that nobody would. He has been jailed many times for this country. He has gone through hell. I am not saying being jailed is the qualification, but he has gone through hell. I also think he has got the wisdom that only time gives a person,” said Manduli.

“Jakom is just the right age to run this country. You run a country through experience; you don’t run a country through youth. We didn’t put an age ceiling on the presidency, did we?”

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