Why online users are ‘revisiting’ this picture of President Kenyatta


Kenyans on social media have retrieved a picture from the archives showing President Uhuru Kenyatta braving heavy rains to campaign in Nyahururu in the run-up to October 26, 2017 repeat presidential election.

The social media users say President Kenyatta’s statement – that he could not physically preside over the opening of the 5th Annual Devolution Conference in Kakamega County due to bad weather –, was not convincing.

They said the Head of State, in October 15, 2017 was “willing to be rained on” because he was hunting for votes, and now that he got re-elected; and is in Office, he sees no need of going the extra mile to “impress”.

Sharing a picture of President Kenyatta waving at his supporters, who had lined up on the roadside in Nyahururu on October 15, 2017, Facebook user Mwangi Maina said: “And all of a sudden, the president was unable to attend the Devolution Conference 2018 due to heavy rains and bad weather! Quite interesting!”

Mr Maina’s sentiments were shared by other online users, who suggested the president could have traveled to Kakamega by road if the Tuesday morning weather wasn’t appropriate for air transport. They were convinced that had the Head of State heeded to their proposal, it could have proven he did not soak in rainwater in October 15, 2017 so as to win the hearts of voters, but because he was being sincere in his then-mission.

It is, however, unrealistic for a Head of State, who has a busy schedule, to travel 359.5 kilometers [distance between Nairobi and Kakamega] by road, which would see him spend approximately 7 hours on the road.

Due to bad weather, which hampered flight visibility, President Kenyatta addressed delegates at the 5th Devolution Conference via a Live Televised link from State House, Nairobi.

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