One event, 2 sets of clothes: Why Uhuru changed wardrobe in minutes

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday, October 4 presided over the official opening of the Nairobi Agricultural Society of Kenya (ASK) Show in a rather interesting style, when he appeared in two sets of attire during the event.

The Head of State arrived at the International Trade Fair in Nairobi while dressed in a casual silky brown shirt and a navy-blue pair of trousers, where he was taken on a tour of various stands.

Later that afternoon – during his televised formal address –, President Kenyatta changed into a crisp look, sporting a navy blue 2-piece suit, a maroon neck tie and a sparkling white shirt.

When the pictures of the president were shared on social media, depicting the stark difference in his look in a matter of minutes, answers were sought.

EDAILY has learnt that the Head of State changed his clothes at a VIP area located within the Jamhuri Grounds.

The president’s change of attire appeared to signal the transition from an easygoing visiting VIP to a no-nonsense chief executive.

A visibly angry President Kenyatta, in his address, said legal action will be taken against the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB), who misused Kenyan maize farmers’ money.

“In the government’s budget, money had been allocated toward paying maize farmers, but the cereals board liaised with traders to embezzle these funds. I warn them that the full arm of the law will see that they pay for their corrupt deeds,” said President Kenyatta.

“I swear, by the name of God, that try to misuse this money and you will see… Those who stole the other allocation are being followed, and they must pay. Public money belongs to Kenyans; it must never be misused,” he said.

Agriculture Cabinet Secretary, Mwangi Kiunjuri, bore the brunt, with the president directing his anger at him, even going ahead to address him in Kikuyu language.

“Mugerie kuriha ringi nimukunyona [Loosely translated: ‘Try to pay those unscrupulous traders again and you will know what I am made of’,” President Kenyatta remarked, as he wagged his finger at the visibly shaken Mr Kiunjuri

The government owes maize farmers KSh3.5 billion for maize supplied to NCPB since January, 2018.

The National Treasury has allocated Ksh1.4 billion to pay farmers in the first phase of payment, though farmers are insisting on full settling of the dues by Monday, October 8.

Over Ksh8 billion was paid out to well-connected brokers and traders at the expense of maize farmers, with Agriculture Principal Secretary, Richard Lesiyampe, top NCPB officials, among them former managing director Newton Terer, and traders who pocketed millions of shillings in payment are facing prosecution in court.




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