Ommy Dimpoz: Tanzanian hospital diagnosed me with cancer


Tanzanian musician Ommy Dimpoz, whose real name is Omary Nyembo, has opened up about his ailment, saying a Tanzanian hospital erroneously diagnosed him with throat cancer.

“Early this year, I had difficulties swallowing food, and, therefore, sought medical treatment. Preliminary examinations showed that I had a swelling in the throat, which reduced the size of my food pipe. The doctors managed to medically reduce the size of the swelling. However, as days passed, the problem persisted,” Ommy Dimpoz said in an exclusive interview with Tanzanian showbiz personality Millard Ayo.

“I, thereafter, sought medical treatment at a top Tanzanian hospital. After doctors at the facility ran tests on me, they said: ‘You have cancer of the throat’. My world sunk for a moment. I think I lost 5Kgs; just that day alone, when that statement was made.”

The musician says he sought a second and third expert opinion from doctors in Mombasa, Kenya and South Africa respectively, who told him that his throat had been infected as a result of poisoning.

“In South Africa, doctors said, upon examination, that I wasn’t suffering from cancer. I inquired what the diagnosis was. And they posed a question similar to what doctors in Mombasa had, earlier, asked me. They asked: ‘Have you ever taken poison?’

“I said: ‘No’, but they insisted that my condition was caused by poison, which I had knowingly or unknowingly ingested.”

Ommy Dimpoz said doctors at the facility recommended he undergoes a surgical procedure to remove the affected part of the food pipe, which was replaced by an artificial one.

The “Hello Baby” hit-maker is still in South Africa receiving treatment.

Ommy Dimpoz’s manager, Seven Mosha, recently rubbished rumours which suggested that the artiste’s health condition had extremely deteriorated, resulting in his admission into the Intensive Care Unit.

Rumours about Ommy Dimpoz’s admission into the high dependency unit at Milpark Hospital in Johannesburg surfaced online, when different Tanzanian celebrities claimed that the musician needed prayers, since he was “gravely ill in the ICU”.

Addressing those rumours in an interview with Tanzania’s MCL Digital, Mosha said the “Baadaye” hit-maker was “doing fine, and responding well to treatment”.

“Recently, the musician went for medical examination in hospital; an exercise he is supposed to do after every three months. The doctors say that would help in monitoring his health progress,” Seven Mosha said.

In a June, 2018 video clip posted to his Instagram page, Ommy Dimpoz revealed that he had undergone a “major surgical operation”, and that he hoped all would go well.

“I passed through a difficult period after undergoing a major surgical procedure. I was hospitalised for 15 days after the surgical operation. I hope I will come back stronger. Currently, I am on bed rest. I thank everyone who sent me get-well-soon messages, and those who prayed for me. I believe everything will be fine,” he said in the video clip, which has been his last post on his Instagram page to date.

Several celebrities in the entertainment industry have taken to Instagram to wish Ommy Dimpoz a quick recovery.

Musician Diamond Platnumz, who Ommy Dimpoz once differed with publicly in the past, said on Instagram: “May God ease your [health] burden so that you can recover quickly and return to the entertainment scene.”

Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu said: “[Ommy Dimpoz], you are stronger than you think, you are courageous than you think; … you can overcome whatever that is holding you down right now in the name of Allah… You will be fine before you know it, that hospital bed is not for you.”

Kenyan singer Avril, who collaborated with Ommy Dimpoz in the hit song “Hello Babby”, said: “Get well soon, my friend.”

Radio Citizen presenter Willy Tuva on Sunday, August 26 said: “On this holy day, I kindly ask you to pray for Ommy Dimpoz as he continues to seek medical treatment. Say a prayer for him.”

Kenyan singer Nameless said on Instagram: “I am praying with you [Ommy Dimpoz], bro. All shall be well. May God quicken your recovery.”



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