OMBURA: Parents, let us not kill the family unit

Mid-life crisis is evidently the killer of how we relate to each other in the Twenty-first century, where everything has transformed from what it used to be.

Traditionally, family was the basic unit of any household and had to be accorded respect it deserved, contrary to this  age where there are no morals; even in the family set up.

Modernism and post-modernism has crippled us. We no longer respect these institutions which give us life. Imagine living in a state where  people get famous for the wrong decisions they make; and there are youngsters who  look up to the same people as role models.

After watching adults do all the bad things, our kids coil a motion of resisting against us and whatever we do. That’s why when they grow up they can’t “man up” to take responsibility or run families. They definitely have that notion that nothing should be treated with the seriousness it deserves.

They even joke about what should not be joked about – very serious issues. Recently, my friend, who had impregnated his girlfriend, told me he won’t raise his child.

That the sex they had was just for enjoyment, and that the poor girl can go and procure an abortion, he said without twitching.

Then he narrated how his father “had dated and slept with ‘all ladies in the village’ before settling  for his mother”.

Parents, we are committing disservice to our children. One of my professors often says there are certain secrets you don’t need to tell your children about; or anybody, but the grave.

Let’s go back and build the happy family we once had, and empower it to be the basic unit of the society.

Let us not rush to expose our family issues.



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