Oliver Mathenge’s wife dons a thigh-high shirt-dress while serving her relatives and Twitter can’t deal

On Christmas day, Star Journalist Oliver Mathenge posted a photo of his wife to his populous Twitter account, captioning it ” I take nice photos”.

Oliver Mathenge and Njeri Mathenge in a past photo. Photo/Oliver Mathenge/Twitter

In the photo, Njeri Wamarite- the journos wife- was dressed loosely in a white shirt-dress, and red sneakers.

She was holding a vacuum flask serving tea to three elderly people in what appeared to be a family fuction.

The attention was however on her dress whose buttons ended mid-thigh, exposing a generous part of her leg.

Oliver Mathenge’s wife serving tea and ee..eerm, legs?

Her dress which was cinched at the waist by a sash belt had ridden up mid-thigh inadvertently lighting up the interwebs.

A fair smattering of netizens argued that she was dressed innapropriately for the occasion she was in:


And there were those who told her to strut it, explaining that long before the dresses came, women across the country walked semi-naked. And no one was bothered.

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