“Ole Themba” hit-maker Linah in hard drugs scandal


Tanzanian singer Esterlina Sanga, popularly known as Linah, has found herself at the centre of controversy after she was allegedly spotted smoking cigarette and abusing drugs.

A source close to Linah revealed to Ijumaa newspaper that the Ole Themba star has been keeping bad company that has negatively influenced her.

Her cronies have allegedly inveigled her to start abusing drugs.

“Linah is my close friend, but it hurts me to learn that she has adopted the habit of cigarette-smoking. There is someone who told me about Linah’s newly acquired habit, but I did not believe him. But recently, I came across photos showing her smoking cigarette with unmatched adeptness. Worst of all, I am told she also abuses drugs.

“I would tolerate cigarette-smoking from her, but hard drugs, it is a big no. She’d be working toward bringing her lucrative career down. She should audit her friends,” added the source.

Linah has however refuted claims that have linked her to cigarette-smoking and hard drugs.

“I don’t abuse drugs. Don’t I love my life? If it is true I abuse drugs then let me die. Every day, I see how people ruin their lives as a result of hard drugs. I don’t think it would be wise for me to adopt the habit blindly. That is not possible!” Linah retorted when she was reached for comment.

The singer nonetheless admits she has smoked cigarettes.

“I won’t deny having smoked cigarettes. Sometimes when you are surrounded by friends who smoke, you might be tempted to take a puff. However, when chain smokers are asked to take to the dais, I can’t present myself,” said Linah.

And of photos showing her smoking rolls of tobacco in a skilled manner, Linah says: “I had taken those photos to help me land an ambassadorial deal with a cigarette manufacturing company. I wasn’t successful though,” said Linah.

“About drugs, no: I cannot mindlessly adopt a habit that will destroy my life. I do music; people should support me instead of crafting unnecessary drama around my life.”


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