Oketch: No, Diamond did not buy me BMW car model


Diamond Platnumz’s girlfriend, Tanasha Oketch, took to Instagram on Monday, December 31 to flaunt her German-made car.

Ms Oketch, 22, drives a BMW 320i car model, whose value is estimated at Ksh1.9 million.

The radio host’s car, which is a 2011 make, is navy blue in colour.

She posted an image of the vehicle, and captioned it: “[I] miss my beast, Baby Blue.”

Diamond Platnumz commented on the picture with four fire emojis.

An Instagram user Dayana Jonz’s comment caught the eye of Tanasha, who was quick to respond.

Dayana said: “Oh my God! Tanasha, Diamond has played his part. That is why I like him. When he loves, acquiring valuables like houses and cars for his partner are not a big thing. When interacting with Diamond, kindly advise him to take care of his father, who is languishing in poverty. The singer’s dad does not own a decent house. Ask Diamond to build the old man a house, and God will bless your union with him.”

Seemingly pricked by Dayana’s claim, Ms Oketch, replied: “Dayana, Diamond did not buy this car for me. I bought it myself, dear.”

The Tanzanian heavy-hitter and the NRG presenter, who began dating two months ago, are planning to exchange their wedding vows on February 14, 2019.

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