Oga Obinna shaves dreadlocks for shillings one million

oga obinna

What would you do for Ksh.1,000, 000?

Obinna Ike Igwee, a celebrated comedian in Kenya shaved his dreadlocks for Ksh.1, 000,000.

In a video via YouTube the emcee, actor cum TV and radio host, was asked by a friend to shave his hair for Ksh.600, 000; Obinna dares him back to make it a million for a yes.The businessman, Richie, asks a lady in the premises to retrieve the money from a cabinet which she then packs it in a bag after a conspicuously doubtful Obinna feels the thousand shilling notes bundled in ten bands, which a thousand shilling note.

A scissor razes down the locks and we have a new millionaire in town walking out of the building, still sceptical, surprised but happy.

Drop your dumb, broke friend this month. Will you?

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