Of a village where families exhume decayed bodies, dress them in new clothes


The Torajan people of Indonesia have had sections of the world baffled after elements of their culture caught the eyes of many.

The Torajan people dig up their dead relatives, dress them in new clothes and display them proudly. Doing this is believed to be a sign of respect for their ancestors.

The ritual, which started centuries ago, takes place every three years among the Torajan people. The ritual translates to ‘The Ceremony of Cleaning Corpses,’.

Torajan people from Sulawesi island exhume their dead every three years, wash and dress them up in fresh clothes. They even pose with them for family photographs in the Ma’nene festival, reports Dailymail.co.uk.

The funeral of dead loved one is one of the most important events and rituals in the lives of Torajan people. Many of them spend a lifetime saving for a betting funeral for themselves or family members.

Sometimes the deceased is buried weeks or even years after their death because their family wants to save up for an elaborate funeral ceremony.

An important part of the Ma’nene festival is repairing or replacing coffins to reduce the bodies’ decomposition.

The Torajan people believe that death is just one step in an ongoing spiritual life, it is not the final step.

Torajan people also believe that a dead person’s spirit should always return to their village. This belief keeps many of them from leaving their homes because they do not want to die on a journey and not have their body returned.


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