Octopizzo: Not a collabo, this what I want Kanye to do for me


Kenyan rapper Octopizzo says he prefers American musician Kanye West enters into some sort of a partnership with him in his [Kanye’s] shoe-making venture, and not to offer a collaboration deal because he [Octopizzo] “wants to plunge into a project, which has big monetary returns”.

Octopizzo made that statement on Twitter Thursday, when he was asked by an online user, whose Twitter name is Indigo Child, whether he would collaborate with West.

“I am still waiting for your collabo with Kanye,” said Indigo.

Octopizzo responded to him, saying: “I am waiting for Kanye to involve me in his shoe-making venture; that is where there’s money. A collabo is just for hype; after two months, its popularity fades and people forget about it. As for shoes, the business will always be relevant till the end of time,” said Octopizzo.

In November 2013, Kanye West announced his departure from Nike and signed with Adidas to create his own Yeezy line.

The collaboration includes everything from footwear, apparel and accessories, which were all initially manufactured by Adidas Originals.

However, since Season 2, it was announced that everything aside from certain footwear models was going to be produced independently of the German sportswear brand.

Kanye West is in Uganda for a music production project.

In an earlier Twitter post, Octopizzo urged the youth to “actively seek employment”.

“If you were determined to look for employment the same way you are busy looking for people’s pictures online, there would be no jobless Kenyan,” tweeted the rapper.

The musician’s message attracted mixed reactions from online users.

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