Obinna buys father a brand new-ish Car

Comedian Obinna seems to have finally swam away from the cesspit of poverty and struggle.

If the latest developments in his life are anything to go by.

Just a couple days ago, the celebrated Comic, who uses the Naija accent as a pillar of his comedy, wrote on Instagram of his earlier struggles and how he lived from hand to mouth in his celebrity friends’ houses.

Now, life is not so bad as the Comic gets gigs from all across town – And in far-flung Counties too.

And as a testament of his new-found riches – and benevolence- Obinna has decided to surprise his father with a brand new car.

Ok, not so brand new but still.

On Instagram, the funnyman narrated of how his father has always been into cars and how, after a gig in Kisumu, he took his father outside to bequeath him his latest acquisition- keys to a blue car.

Daddy has never been so happy.

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