Obama ridiculed on social media…by his own daughter

US President Barack Obama has revealed that his youngest daughter, Sasha, has ridiculed him on social media.

Speaking on Jimmy Kimmel recently, K’ogallo’s greatest son explained how his daughter secretly recorded a dinner conversation.

“One night at dinner we’re sitting there, and I had read that Snapchat was becoming really popular among her age cohort. So, I said: ‘So, tell me about Snapchat,’” he said.

“So, she starts explaining stuff – you can make little faces on your picture, and this and that and the other…And at the end of it, Michelle and I are sitting there. And I said: ‘Isn’t this interesting?”

Sasha’s explanation sparked a conversation about social media, and the implications of innovation in the social media space.

It turns out Sasha taped the whole exchange.

“[And I] come to find out she was recording us the whole time, and then sent to her friends afterwards: ‘This is my dad lecturing us on the meaning of social media,” he narrated to Kimmel.

To top it all off, Sasha shared an image of her reaction to Obama “social media lecture.”

“And she took a picture of herself sort of looking bored,” he said.

The actual snap is yet to be made public, but Obama says his wife and first born daughter thought the snap was hilarious.

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