Obachi Machoka impresses as Roga Roga debut sets Rhumba standards on TV


Rhumba Show Roga Roga premiered on Citizen Television Saturday, October 22; hosted by Uncle Fred Obachi Machoka – and the response is overwhelming!

Kenyans took to social media, especially Twitter, to laud Citizen TV for the show which airs from 2:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. (every Saturday), making #RogaRoga the top trend in the country.

Below are sampled feedback:

Eric Manyikah: The blackest man in black Africa Fred Obachi Machoka is just it!

Jacob Icia: Rhumba moto kama pasi, show them how to do it, the retired general.

Maggy Mang’uro: I am loving the throwback Roga Roga. Great memories for Rhumba legends Uncle Fred Obachi Machoka.

Cofek Kenya: Congratulations Fred Obachi Mchoka on the ever great Roga Roga on Radio Citizen and now on Citizen TV Kenya.

Faith Kemboi: This (Roga Roga) is the best thing to have ever happened on television. There is no need of going to the club to listen to Rhumba. We have it all here.

Catherine Ndonye: Roga Roga, great premiere my big brother Uncle Fred. Rhumba anytime!

Nina Mulamba: The show is awesome…Weekend mode activated. Rhumba any day anytime!

Chadwick Owino: This is real muziki bila jasho, I am literally sweating in my living room.

“We promise viewers a powerful Rhumba show on Citizen Television that features music videos from Kenyan artistes to those based in Congo and Paris, France. We want to celebrate Rhumba to the fullest,” Fred Obachi Machoka told eDaily in an earlier interview.

The seasoned radio personality also hosts Roga Roga on Radio Citizen every Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.


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