Nyota Ndogo: I’m happy Mustapha no longer a ‘baby’

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Kenya’s Taarab sensation Mwanaisha Abdala alias Nyota Ndogo says she is happy for Colonel Mustapha’s ‘growth’.

Nyota Ndogo, who had earlier alleged that the Lenga Stress rapper had no respect for women, says she is delighted Mustapha is no longer a ‘baby’.

The Mombasa-based singer told eDaily that she was speaking on behalf of other women and hopes Colonel Mustapha’s subsequent songs will make them forgive him too.

“I am happy Mustapha has finally ‘grown up’. I congratulate him for his bravery and accepting he was wrong. I hope in the future he will not be making demeaning music videos.”

Earlier on, Mustapha opened up on doing a collabo with Nyota Ndogo as a way of burying the hatchet.

“We will be back together with Nyota, share lunch because I have nothing against her. I have even thought of a collabo with her,” Mustapha said.

On her part, the Watu na Viatu hit-maker revealed how stubborn her colleague was to the point of starting up a war of words on social media.

She, however, expressed her anxiety of starting over as friends with Mustapha and, make some feel-good music together.

“We can work on a project together, write and produce. If I leave him to do that alone and go to Mombasa, he might go back to his old ways,”’ Nyota Ndogo stated.

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