Noti Flow: I know nothing about my controversial breast picture

Kenyan rapper Noti Flow. [PHOTO | COURTESY]

Controversial Kenyan rapper Noti Flow says she is “unaware” of a picture showing her flashing her nipple on Instagram.

The frowned-upon picture was uploaded to Noti Flow’s Insta-story recently.

In the picture, Noti Flow, whose real name is Natalie Florence Kutoto, wore a white top, which she lifted to show off her right boob.

The rapper received flak for the image, with a huge section of online audiences deeming it to be indecent.

Noti Flow, in a confounding response, now says she “knows nothing” about that photograph.

“I have no idea of the photograph that you are talking about. I cannot even recall the last time I accessed my Instagram account. [Now that you’ve alerted me], let me check my social media pages right now,’’ she told EDAILY on phone Thursday afternoon.

Noti Flow is not new to controversy, and seemingly, she enjoys the attention that comes with drama and scandal.

The former “Nairobi Diaries” actress, in a past interview, revealed that she engages in sexual activities with both men and women.

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