No woman wants me because I’ve never worn clothes in 38 years – Farmer

An Indian man who stopped wearing clothes when he was a young boy because of a rare condition believes his nakedness is the reason he is single.

Subal Barman, 43, from Rajpur village in West Bengal, northern India has been naked since he was 5 because he’s allergic to clothes.

“From my childhood I could not wear clothes on my skin. It gives me a burning sensation and it’s unbearable,’ he told Dailymail.

Since he could not afford the medical treatment for his condition, he simply walks around without clothes.

Mr Barman narrated that he cannot cover himself with a blanket at night, adding that his neighbours have since gotten used to seeing him naked.

“My neighbours have fortunately gotten used to me, they think it’s normal and never complain.

They know I’ve had this issue for years so they leave me be and do not tease me.”

The farmer refuses to allow his allergy to ruin his social life and explained that he has attended social events like weddings, parties and even popped into the local temple completely naked.

He, however, admits the weather is a bit hostile to him.

“I have to take baths several times a day in the summer because my skin is too sensitive to the heat. I can’t cope with the prickly sensations, water is the only thing that helps,” he said.

His allergy hasn’t affected his work as a farmer but Subal, who lives alone after losing his father as a child and his mother in 2003, is convinced it is the reason he’s still single.

He questioned: “What woman could marry a man who has this kind of problem?”

“No family will allow their daughter to marry me. I know I’m an embarrassment but I have no choice. This is the life I have to live.”

He has however, resolved to keep depression at bay despite his condition.

“I know I’ll be alone forever – this is my destiny but being sad or depressed about it cannot reduce my problem.”

He likes to believe the condition could be a blessing.

“I have accepted that God has given me this special thing. Maybe in his eyes I am special!” he said.


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